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(John, 2016.08.06 20:34)

I am interested in buying a male malinois puppy in winter litter please let me know how to give deposit for first pick make TY John

(John , 2016.07.18 10:35)

I am interested in the latter year litter Judy Royal :) I would like to get first pick of litter male .. How much for deposit? And where is the information on doing this? Ty John

(Rene, 2016.05.02 12:49)

Hello, i just wanna ask how much is 1 puppy from you.
best reggards

future litter

(David, 2015.11.21 05:08)

Do you have any planning on the future litter?
I'm looking for a puupy for the up coming summer

Re: future litter

(Firefox malinois, 2015.11.21 08:02)

Next year, Jazzy and Irock planned pairing.

Litter "M"

(Leslee Martz, 2015.11.02 22:11)

what is the price of the Litter "M" pups? I already know someone that purchased one....looking for Narcotic dog for Texas Constable.

Re: Litter "M"

(Firefox malinois, 2015.11.03 08:35)

Yes, the Mac will arrive to Texas. Murphy was held back for their own purposes. But if you want her still for sale.

Female Malinois

(Eli Rada, 2015.10.09 11:50)


I'am looking for a female Malinois for gaurding and security at age of 6-12 months.
Do you have something like this?

Thanks a lot,

Re: Female Malinois

(Firefox malinois, 2015.10.14 10:30)


Unfortunately no. Currently, only male puppies are for sale.

Male malinois puppy

(Connaugh Lamont, 2015.10.08 12:19)

Good day, Sir or Madam

May I inquire about the male puppies which might be available? I live in the Netherlands. I am 44 years old and looking for a good companion and sport dog. I hike up various hills and do a lot of other activities outdoors.
Thank you for any help



Re: Male malinois puppy

(Firefox malinois, 2015.10.08 19:35)


One more male puppy is available. For high the drive power instinct. I tried to write the e-mail address, but the transmission failed.


toftekærsvej 49 5400 bogense

(dennis riber jensen, 2015.09.28 22:06)

er det muligt at købe eller reservere en hanhvalp hos jer den skal være i militæret i danmark jeg er selv opdrætter i dk
det er til en kollega

Re: toftekærsvej 49 5400 bogense

(Firefox malinois, 2015.10.02 08:56)

Puppies are for sale. Yes, you can make deposits. Write email. Thank you

(, 2015.05.05 20:14)

I'm looking for a male to be exported to the United states I emailed you please email me back